All entrants are subject to a review, verification and background check by prior to and/or after acceptance.

How to Enter 

To enter the challenge please submit the two essays below:

1. All entrants should submit a narrative, not to exceed 1,000 words, that addresses the following:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • Where are you located?
  • Name of contact person, an alternate contact person, and their contact information.
  • How many employees does your company have?
  • How many of your employees participate in a mentoring program?
  • Describe your mentoring program and respond to the following:

How is your program innovative? – Example:  by piloting   or supporting new program models or using cutting edge tools through technology to mentor, etc. What makes your program unique/different from other mentoring programs?

How do you utilize collaboration? –models of working collaboratively with diverse communities or neighborhood stake holders.  Example: partnering with a local school to support turnaround efforts.  Describe the relationships that your organization has developed as a result of mentoring. Why did you chose these relationships?

What type of financial support does your company provide? – financial contribution to mentoring organizations to support mentor/mentee matches

How has your company leveraged assets? – Organizations that demonstrate how they go above and beyond merely providing staff and/or funding to mentoring programs in the service area. Example: providing media support or pro bono expertise to promote or support mentoring.

What are some of your outcomes/impacts? – How has your program made a difference?  Describe some of the results.  What age group(s) have you worked with and why?

2. In addition to your 1,000 word essay, please submit a separate brief story that illuminates your mentoring program's impact (500 words or less).


All corporations that submit an application will be recognized during National Mentoring Month in January 2014 and will be considered for the following distinctions:

Categories of Distinction (multiple corporations can be given distinction in each category):

  • Highest Total Number of Employees Participating in a Mentoring Program
  • Highest Percentage of Company’s Workforce Participating in a Mentoring Program
  • Most Robust and Comprehensive – companies will be awarded based on the following criteria: Innovation, Collaboration , Financial Support, and Leveraging Assets


Winners will receive national recognition at the 2014 National Mentoring Summit in Washington D.C. during National Mentoring Month as well ongoing exposure throughout the year from the convener of the Summit, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership.