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Win the challenge. Suggestions for CEOs

The guidelines for submitting a nomination seem pretty comprehensive, but having led a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program in Chicago for 35 years I'd like to offer some additional criteria based on this Role Of Leaders PDF: http://tinyurl.com/tmc-role-of-leaders
* Is your campaign on going, with a year-end review that you use to improve the campaign the following year
* Do you use maps to show your business locations in each market and do you use maps to show volunteer and philanthropic involvement in mentor programs around different locations in each market?
* Do you encourage employees to volunteer talent (leadership, tech support, marketing, etc) to programs, in addition to serving as volunteer mentors?
* Do you track how long you stay engaged with different mentoring programs?
* Do you have youth from different mentoring programs working in part-time jobs, internships, or full time work as a result of long term relationships with programs?
* Does your employee workplace giving campaign include local volunteer based tutoring, mentoring programs as donor choices?
* Do you have an internal networking system so volunteers involved in different programs, from different branches, can share ideas with each other?
* As a result of employee volunteer involvement do your employees innovate new practices or solutions that would enhance the effectiveness and/or distribution of mentor programs in neighborhoods of greatest need?
* Do you see evidence that employee involvement in mentor/tutor programs expands their informal networks, increases soft skills, and increases their value to the company?
* Is all of this information on your web sites so other companies can learn from your outstanding leadership?

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    Thank you for the suggestion, I have forwarded them to the people involved.

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